A Texas A&M professor dressed up as a cockroach and attended a Corpus Christi City Council meeting to protest the planting of new palm trees, which she said attract pests.

A Houston nursing student was bitten by a nurse shark while on vacation in the Bahamas.

The Wells Fargo and Bank of America towers in downtown Fort Worth banned delivery people from the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches chain due to alleged reckless behavior.”

Tortilla chips spontaneously combusted at a tortilla factory in Austin.

A baby girl who was born inside the restroom of a San Antonio Chick-fil-A was promised free food for life and eventual employment by the company.

A reporter with the Associated Press retired after witnessing more than four hundred executions in Texas.

Leaders of the city of Reno in Parker County announced that they were considering changing the town’s name to Reno Springs so people would stop confusing it with the city of Reno in Lamar County, 160 miles away.

A tiger cub that was found abandoned in a duffel bag near Brownsville was relocated to an animal sanctuary in Wylie.

A Conroe woman allegedly bit off and swallowed part of another woman’s nose.

The secretary for the track-and-field team at UT–El Paso retired at the age of 98.

An inmate broke the window of the patrol car that was transporting him to Abilene and climbed onto the roof while it was still moving.

A Denton woman made cookies by leaving dough on a sheet pan on her car dashboard in the 109-degree heat.