Welcome to our Being Texan video series, in which we’ll explore the dreams and realities of Texans from all walks of life, from the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, the Trans-Pecos to the Piney Woods. 

Three days a week, Bobby Richardson and other school bus drivers for San Antonio Independent School District deliver free food to children attending school remotely. The San Antonio EATS program, fellow-bus driver Rosie Guadarrama’s idea, was set up almost overnight in March when Texas schools abruptly shut down due to the pandemic. Drivers currently deliver food to 450 bus stops across the district. “We’re a rolling cafeteria,” Richardson tells director Chris Beier.

For more about the program and the families it serves, check out Sindya Bhanoo’s detailed account here.

Director Chris Beier is a filmmaker who’s crafted documentaries for Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Google, and, of course, Texas Monthly. Thank you to our friends at Tecovas for sponsoring the series.

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