In February, H-E-B acquired Austin-based delivery startup Favor. During the upcoming holiday weekend, consumers can experience one of the perks of the deal. If you run out of beer at a cookout, you don’t have to find a sober friend to head to the store to pick more up—according to a press release, H-E-B and Favor will deliver beer and wine in under an hour.

Users can place orders via the Favor app in more than thirty cities throughout the state with no delivery fee. (While there’s no delivery charge from Favor until after Labor Day, a tip of $2 or more for the driver is required for the service.) While Favor does deliver groceries and other products from non-H-E-B stores, the beer and wine portion of its service is exclusive to the supermarket retailer, so if your favorite brand is one that H-E-B doesn’t stock, prepare to make do with your second-favorite. Regardless, this ought to make the holiday weekend more convenient, and may even keep the roads marginally safer. Happy fourth, y’all.