With so many flavors vying for attention on the Thanksgiving table, it can be a challenge to find the wines that pair well with everything. Whether you’re sticking to traditional family recipes or opting for a less conventional array of dishes, here are nine Texas selections to guide you through a delicious holiday feast.

White Wine

When it comes to white wines, you want a little bit of body, so that it plays well with everything from gravy and cornbread dressing to green beans and Brussels sprouts. But you also need something with a little lift to help re-energize your palate with each bite. Try the 2017 Marsanne from Lost Draw Cellars ($24), which offers lush flavors of stone fruit and lemon curd or the Duchman Family Winery 2017 Viognier ($18) for its light florality and tangerine-toned juiciness.

Red Wine

One of the best red wine pairings for Thanksgiving is Beaujolais. (It’s different from the cheap fruit bomb known as Beaujolais Nouveau, which is typically released in mass quantities in early November.) Good Beaujolais is made from the Gamay grape and offers fresh fruitiness balanced by earthy, savory notes, which are the perfect match for some of Thanksgiving’s sweeter delights, like sultana-studded wild rice and sweet potatoes. (Pinot Noir is a close second and a good alternative.) The problem is, neither Gamay nor Pinot Noir grow well in Texas. Instead, we suggest William Chris Vineyards 2017 Cinsault ($30), a grape commonly used to blend in Rhône Valley reds for its bright, high-toned fruit character, or Lewis Wines 2017 Tinta Cão ($22), which showcases this native Portuguese variety with a refreshing medium body brimming with notes of candied mandarin, cranberry, and cinnamon.

Though lighter-style reds are typically the better choice for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, there’s no harm in digging a little deeper for a more robust red wine selection. Opt for wines that offer rich fruit character along with silky, smooth tannins, rather than harsher, rustic characteristics. You’ll find this balance in the Infinite Monkey Theory 2016 Merlot ($25) or the Messina Hof 2016 Sagrentino Reserva ($35).

Sparkling Wine

When in doubt, go for the bubbles. With elevated levels of acidity and an effervescent palate-cleansing texture, sparkling wine is the ultimate secret weapon in wine pairing. With notes of apricot, lemon zest, and faint hints of yeast, the McPherson Cellars Sparkling Chenin Blanc ($28)  is a sure bet. Or, for a slight divergence from wine, try the Texas Keeper No. 1 Small-Batch Cider ($14), made from five different varieties of Texas-grown apples.

With Dessert

Thanksgiving dessert is often as anticipated as the turkey dinner. This year, don’t let your pumpkin or pecan pie go unaccompanied. Savor the apricot, honeyed, and praline pecan tones of Haak Vineyards Blanc du Bois Madeira ($40) alongside your meal’s sweet finale.