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10 Texas Trivia Facts Just In Time For Texas Independence Day

Out-Texan your Texas friends with these trivia tidbits.


With Texas Independence Day right around the corner, tacos, queso, barbecue, and beer are probably your top priorities for the celebration. Any reason to eat and drink is a good reason; and if celebrating the state is a part of that, even better. But brushing up on your Texas trivia might not be a bad idea either. Here are a few facts you’ve probably grown up memorizing, as well as some lesser known ones from the Texas State Historical Association. And be sure to check out the widget on our site (in the top right corner of stories on your browser or under the comments on mobile) where you can get a daily dose of Texas-based historical facts.

  1. No. 1 Homerun
  2. No. 2 The Doctor Is In The House
  3. No. 3 Texas Tea
  4. No. 4 But Were The Spurs There Yet?
  5. No. 5 One Small Step
  6. No. 6 Spinach's Biggest Advocate
  7. No. 7 Remember Mission San Antonio Doesn't Have Quite The Same Ring
  8. No. 8 King Of The Wild Frontier
  9. No. 9 The Birth Of Country Radio
  10. No. 10 Making Tracks

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