Like thousands of other enthusiastic antique hunters, we journeyed to Round Top on Tuesday for the opening day of the Marburger Farm Antique Show, the most curated and one of the largest events at the renowned antiques fair that takes over the town every spring and fall. Marburger, which ends Saturday, features over 350 vendors from around the globe hawking their wares. We also went to the sprawling Excess Fields 1 and 2, where more than fifty vendors have set up shop until April 6, selling everything from rugs and repurposed furniture to garden decor. If all of this sounds overwhelming, it’s because it can be. But it’s worth it. During our daylong hunt, we found ten treasures that show a glimpse at the range of items you can find among the canvas tents, open fields, and metal buildings—as long as you are willing to dig. (Want to go to Round Top after the masses leave? Here’s our recent guide to this charming hamlet.)