I, the Juror

Apr 1, 2002 By John Spong

As a "recovering" attorney with a mixed record at picking juries, I always wondered what made them tick. After receiving a summons this year, I'm still deliberating.

The Tort Tax

May 31, 1996 By Paul Burka

No high diving boards at public pools. No cameras in operating rooms. All this and more, thanks to lawyers.

Bar Hopper

Sep 30, 1995 By robwalker

Tainted Mexican pols sign up a Corpus Christi lawyer.

Tiger’s Beat

Jun 30, 1995 By Robert Draper

An Austin attorney tears into the government’s case against a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing.


Mar 1, 1977 By Alan Waldman

Everybody makes mistakes, but mistakes in the medical profession leave scars on everybody.