Vidor’s Hip-Hop Anthem

Feb 29, 2012 By Jason Cohen

Two local rappers are trying to change the the image of "the 409" with their song "Vidor Anthem," which has become a modest hit online. 

Black Like Him

Oct 31, 2011 By Annette Gordon Reed

Fifty years after it first electrified the nation, Dallas native John Howard Griffin’s classic book still has something to tell us.

The Worst Hard Time

Jun 30, 2011 By Jan Jarboe Russell

My hometown of Cleveland has become the most disgraced community in America because of a brutal, unspeakable crime that has set everyone against one another.

They Haven’t Got a Prayer

Nov 1, 2000 By Pamela Colloff

In the Gulf Coast town of Santa Fe, high school football games had always kicked off with a prayer, but in June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the practice violated the separation of church and state. Now the issue—which has turned neighbor against neighbor and provoked some decidedly un-Christian behavior— has grown from a local controversy into a national one.

Alvin Ailey

Feb 1, 2000 By Anne Dingus

Which Oscar-winner did Alvin Ailey act alongside in the play Call Me by My Rightful Name ?


Mar 1, 1999 By Joe Nick Patoski

One of college basketball’s great coaches finally gets his due.

Not Black and White

Jan 1, 1999 By caroldawson

Fifteen years ago, in a PBS documentary, Bill Moyers declared that the East Texas town of Marshall was actually two towns divided by race. To some extent, it still is.

Shock Therapy

May 31, 1997 By Michael Ennis

By employing stereotypes like Sambo and Aunt Jemima, Austin painter Michael Ray Charles hopes to master the art of racial healing.