Police arrested a man who allegedly stole a fourteen-year-old tortoise from the Gladys Porter Zoo, in Brownsville.

While walking along the shore on Padre Island, a Corpus Christi couple found a message in a bottle that had been set adrift by scientists from the U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries fifty years earlier.

Lufkin police rescued a kitten that was stuck in a tree by encouraging it to jump onto a blanket they held to cushion its fall.

A Houston man allegedly offered his dogs—a German shepherd, an Australian shepherd, and a Jack Russell terrier—for sex to an undercover cop.

After a bitter dispute with the city, head shop Planet K agreed that it would not sell “sexual oriented/adult novelty items” at its Bryan location.

A Florida man allegedly conned Crowley ISD out of nearly $2 million by impersonating a construction company accountant.

A sixteen-year-old student at Hico ISD said that he was involuntarily given a haircut by a teacher near the end of the school day because his lengthy bangs violated the district’s dress code.

The South Texas Trail Riders said two of its horses were poisoned with antifreeze during a ride to San Antonio.

A husband and wife used their granddaughter’s scooter to fend off two men wearing clown masks who allegedly tried to rob them with a machete in Texas City.

The driver of a John Deere tractor who led Driscoll police on a chase that lasted more than an hour reportedly told officers that he was trying to get to California to assist with the wildfires and needed money from President Trump.