A snake crawled into an Austin power substation and made contact with an electrified circuit, causing blackouts in more than 16,000 homes.

Roughly 230 people were arrested on various charges during an annual celebration of “topless” Jeeps on Crystal Beach.

A Houston woman driving on the Sam Houston Tollway slowed down and spent ninety minutes shepherding a family of ducks that were waddling along the shoulder of the road until they fell into a sewer grate.

The City of Kyle, citing a dearth of Kyles, failed in its attempt to set a world record for the most people with the same name gathered in one place.

A woman who bit a security guard while trying to steal $146 worth of merchandise from a Lufkin clothing store was charged with robbery, parole violation, bond surrender, bail jumping, forgery of a financial instrument, carrying an open container, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A beachgoer discovered nearly two dozen mutilated sharks washed up on Bolivar Peninsula.

Responding to a report of a female corpse and believing foul play might be at work, Harris County law enforcement officers descended on the woods of north Houston, only to discover that the mangled body was a sex doll.

A Stephen F. Austin State University assistant bowling coach resigned after his wife, the head coach, realized that he was having an affair with a team member when she discovered a text on his phone that, in his words, described “how amazing I am, basically, in general perspective.”

This article originally appeared in the August 2023 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “Meanwhile, in Texas.” Subscribe today.