A fight over immigration looms at the Republican state convention, which begins tomorrow in Fort Worth.

This alert went out to Republicans attending the convention, from leaders opposed to immigration reform:

“If you haven’t been paying attention, [Speaker] John Boehner and his “leadership” team (that includes Pete Sessions) have been trying for some time to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. Unfortunately for them–and fortunately for the rule of law–polling shows that American voters, and especially Republican voters, are decidedly against any immigration reform proposal that includes amnesty for illegals.”

The immigration/amnesty issue was hotly debated at the 2012 state GOP convention. Land commissioner Jerry Patterson proposed to add a guest worker’s program for Texas as a plank in the Republican party platform.

Remarkably, it passed. But times (and attitudes) have changed, and the current tea party leadership is firmly against any kind of immigration reform. The result is that as Republicans prepare to congregate in Cowtown, theirs is a deeply divided party that is controlled not by state-wide and legislative leaders, but by the grassroots and the tea party leadership.