Great Planes

Nov 12, 2015 By Loren Steffy

The real-life adventures of Leland Snow, the Thomas Edison of agricultural aviation.

The Texanist

Oct 21, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on the origins of Hunt’s boot fence and how miffed we should get about pecan pronunciation, desecrated chili pots, and overenthusiastic, football-lovin’ grandfathers.

The Wild Life

Oct 21, 2015 By Debra Monroe

A dank cabin and a loyal dog—and, eventually, a loving daughter—turned Texas into home.

Ahmed Mohamed
Time of Fear

Oct 21, 2015 By Dave Mann

What the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his clock tells us about our culture of hysteria.

The Texanist
The Texanist

Sep 17, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on finding love in the country, the (unquestioned!) merit of the State Fair, the fulfilling post-rodeo career of a bucking bull, and more.


Aug 19, 2015 By Loren Steffy

How the iconic burger chain’s attempt to build a bigger, better company alienated some of the people behind its success.

The Texanist
The Texanist

Aug 14, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on how to handle nasty bugs, tobacco-pushing grandpas, and red lights in a one-stoplight town.

The Texanist

Jul 23, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on ducking tornadoes, mom’s new boyfriend’s haircut, the politics of pro football, and the mysterious origins of the Texas sheet cake.

Behind the Curtain

Jun 12, 2015 By Loren Steffy

For years, Kyle Lagow told his bosses at Countrywide Financial that the company was wreaking havoc on the housing market. But no one listened—until the entire economy came crashing down.

Out of the Box

Jun 12, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

Among other things, Charles Goodnight basically invented the food truck. (He called it the chuck wagon.)

Gone Loco

Jun 12, 2015 By Sterry Butcher

This year’s heavy rains have brought countless blessings to West Texas—and one very nasty weed.

The Texanist

Jun 11, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on washed-up beaches, chicken-fried whoppers, the etymology of “hindcatcher,” and tryin’ to love an Elantra-drivin’ man.

The Texanist

May 13, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on armadillo mortality, Dallas Cowboys etiquette, barbecue preferences, and a perfect Texas playlist.

Appeal to Reason

May 13, 2015 By Mimi Swartz

Mimi Swartz cross-examines the Court of Criminal Appeals’ unprecedented sanctions against a death penalty lawyer.

Oil on Canvas

May 13, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

How the Spindletop gusher turned one prospector into an arts patron with an unusual flair for self-recrimination. 

Ich Bin ein Texan

May 13, 2015 By Michael Ennis

A 181-year-old book reminds us that Texas was once much more German—and far more radical—than we realize.

The Texanist

Apr 16, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on hat etiquette, delusions of ranchhood, reconnecting with your Texas roots, and staying loyal to your Wranglers.

A Seat at the Table

Apr 10, 2015 By Mimi Swartz

Mimi Swartz wonders why, in this day and age, there are so few Hispanics serving on the boards of Texas nonprofits.

Sterling Success

Apr 9, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

A century ago, no battleship could do without a twelve-gallon silver punchbowl with matching cups and ladle.

What I’ve Learned

Mar 23, 2015 By Paul Burka

Paul Burka bids farewell to Texas Monthly—and wonders what happened to the Texas he once knew. 

Lucrative When Wet

Mar 18, 2015 By Loren Steffy

In an era of drought, tight finances, and a shrinking water park market, how does Schlitterbahn keep getting bigger?

texanist mail
The Texanist

Mar 13, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on pathological liars, missing knives, the difference between a Texan and a New Yorker turned Floridian turned Montanan, and why tequila is not—hic!—a vegetable.

The White Stuff

Feb 12, 2015 By Michael Ennis

The secret history of cotton, the crop that transformed the global economy—and kept Texans in poverty for generations.

The Texanist

Feb 10, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on Texas brag, the limits of speed limits, the intoxicating appeal of his alma mater, and just who, exactly, was going to Luckenbach, Texas, with Waylon and Willie.

Consider the Chicken

Feb 3, 2015 By Sterry Butcher

The competition at the Big Bend Livestock Show is fierce. But treat your animal right and you might get to be number four with a pullet.