To Dai For

Nov 7, 2014 By Patricia Sharpe

Nose-to-tail, locally sourced, and heavy on the protein: Austin chef Jesse Griffiths’s Dai Due moves from the supper club circuit to a permanent home.

PHOTO: The Ribeyes of Texas Are Upon You

Aug 2, 2011 By Jason Cohen

Dominic Episcopo Photo by George Fiala From Dominic Episcopo’s book-in-progress, Meat America, which also has a Facebook page. (H/T to Jeff Smith for the headline.) – JASON COHEN…

Is That a Brisket in Your Pocket?… Sam’s Bar-B-Que and Other Austin Restaurants Charged With Buying Stolen Meat

Jul 29, 2011 By Jason Cohen

Photo by Brian Birzer MEATLIFTING. It's nothing new. The 2010 arrest of Austin's Ronnie Allen Brock provided Texas Monthly with one of our trademark never-ending punny Bum Steer headlines (as if "Bum Steer" itself wasn't enough). But meat fencing? With an undercover sting called "Operation Meat Locker" to catch local restaurants buying cowntraband? (Sorry.) It sounds like something out of Adult Swim's new procedural parody NTSF:SD:SUV. But it happened yesterday in Austin, with East Side institution Sam's Bar-B-Que getting nailed. Also charged was Willie's Bar-B-Que and the Mexican restaurant La Morenita. KUT appears to have been first to post the story:

The Elite Meat to Eat

Feb 1, 1997 By Patricia Sharpe

Chicken? For the birds. Fish? In the tank. From Buffalo Gap to Galveston, the faddish food these days is steak. Here are ten prime places to enjoy it.


Aug 31, 1977 By John Graves

The raw truth about out steaks and chops.