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Horses roam at the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range, near Grand Junction, Colorado.
Art |
December 31, 2021

Our Favorite Photos of 2021

From Leon Bridges’s home in Fort Worth to a vibrant coral reef near Galveston, this year took our photographers to some truly unforgettable places.

March 2, 2015

Texas Barbecue Appreciation Society

For forty years, Paul Burka has been a part of Texas Monthly. His retirement officially begins today, on Texas Independence Day. His legacy will live on in Texas Monthly’s list of the best and worst legislators, and his celebrated career has made an impact on Texas politics. But what few know

July 29, 2013

Czech Chips in Texas

A Czech potato chip manufacturer has created a flavor of specifically grilled meats in their Bohemia line. Their plan is to export it to the US, and they want to begin in Texas. From their press release – “Where else should we test the new flavor of

May 14, 2013

Playing With Barbecue Sauce

To create the lettering for our June barbecue issue, creative director TJ Tucker spent six long hours playing with barbecue sauce.Aaron Franklin graciously provided the sauce, and to achieve the right look, we thickened it with agar, an edible  hydrocolloid that is used much like flour or cornstarch. It

May 12, 2013

Sneak Peek at Our June Cover

In June we’ll publish our every-five-years list of the top 50 BBQ joints in Texas, which is always one of the most hotly anticipated issues we put out. It will be on newsstands on May 22, and we’ll be releasing the names of the joints on the list later this

The Culture |
August 15, 2012

How to Raise a Texan

Our forthcoming issue, on newsstands next week, tackles this subject, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share the cover of this special issue. Caution: Cute babies ahead. 

Editor's Letter |
December 1, 2011

Going Postal

Back in February 1973, in the very first issue of this magazine, founding editor William Broyles wrote, by way of introduction, “If our readers have ever finished the daily paper or the six o’clock news and felt there was more than what they were told, then they know why

Editor's Letter |
July 31, 2011

Cover Edge

One of the best—and the hardest—parts of being a magazine editor is deciding what goes on the cover every month. There is nothing else quite like that little rectangle of real estate. Book jackets and album covers are quiet­er, movie posters are less integral to the product, billboards are more

Politics & Policy |
June 29, 2011

A response to Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael Quinn Sullivan has a bone to pick with me. I am the subject of a blog post by Sullivan published on the Empower Texans web site yesterday under the headline, “Texas Monthly: Disclosure-Free Zone.” Sullivan objects to the fact that in an April column about

Editor's Letter |
May 31, 2011

App in the Heart of Texas

Only a few years ago, the word was understood (if it was used at all) to mean chicken wings or jalapeño poppers or nachos. That time is gone forever. As even the proudest Luddite now knows, an “app” is something you download onto your handheld device or tablet, a helpful

Eat My Words |
July 22, 2009

The Fifty Best Burgers in Texas: The List

You can access the full story on texasmonthly.com (subscriber-only), but here’s the list, just to get your tastebuds revved up. Also, there are lots of related burger sidebars that we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine. Check them out. The list is ranked in order of our preference from one to

Burka Blog |
June 8, 2009

Debbie Riddle Responds

The following is a release from Representative Debbie Riddle, concerning her appearance on the Ten Worst list. I will reserve my remarks until the end.

Politics & Policy |
June 5, 2009

Best and Worst Legislators forum

Readers are invited to comment and/or submit questions about the Ten Best and Ten Worst selections, as well as Honorable Mention and special awards. The full article is here. I suppose it may seem strange for me to request, after putting these folks on the Ten Worst list,

Politics & Policy |
June 5, 2009

Flores fires back

Kino Flores was on Texas Monthly's list of the Ten Worst legislators that was released today. Since he chose to issue a response, I felt that he was entitled to have his concerns appear in this space. We have had our say about why he is on the Ten Worst

Burka Blog |
May 27, 2009

Ten Best? We’d settle for five

The floor is now open for nominations for the Ten Best and Ten Worst lists. Readers should try to make a case for their nominees. Information about unethical conduct is always welcome, but please refrain from gratuitious personal comments about members.

Politics & Policy |
April 23, 2009

When Texas Monthly called for secession

A writer for the online Texas Republic News ("Dios, Libertad, y Tejas") has discovered that Texas Monthly once advocated that the state secede from the Union. It's true. The cover story ("Is Texas Too Big for its Britches?") ran in January 1975, and we sold a lot of

Eat My Words |
February 25, 2009

La Condesa–Could Be the New Hot Thing

If times weren’t so darned tough, I’d predict that La Condesa was going to take off like a rocket. I mean, the space is crazy contemporary, the drinks are awesome, the food is by and large excellent (based on, oh, about eight apps and dishes). The only thing

Politics & Policy |
December 12, 2008


The poll was conducted by Voter Consumer Research between December 7 and December 9. The telephone survey included 601 general election voters and 466 Republican primary voters. The margin of error for the general election survey was +/- 4.1%, and +/- 4.6% for Republican primary voters. Favorability: * 67% of

Texas Primer |
February 1, 1998

Texas Monthly

Texas Primer Who’s been on our cover the most times? Ross is boss.

The Stand Up Desk |
September 30, 1995

Time for a Change

Texas Monthly sports a brand-new look this month. The thorough resesign includes many reader-friendly changes, which were overseen by deputy editor Evan Smith, art director D. J. Stout, and associate art director Nancy McMillen. Around the State, for example was reorganized by city instead of subject, and State Fare was