An Abilene game warden discovered five baby alligators in a Hamlin family’s backyard pool.

The superintendent of Ysleta Independent School District was accused of head-butting another superintendent at a Whataburger.

Two Amazon drivers were accused of stealing a dog from the front yard of a Parker County home while they were delivering a package.

A Beeville woman became the first Latina to complete the U.S. Army’s Ranger School.

An Austin man allegedly swung his girlfriend’s four-month-old puppy at her head after she tried to kick him out.

Three hundred and twenty bales of cotton caught fire and burned in San Patricio County.

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth debunked the claims of a woman who said she saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Argyle; the woman then said she fabricated the miracle because she was possessed by demons.

A woman was caught on surveillance video using a power saw to break into a Sugar Land med spa, where she allegedly stole $1,000 worth of goods before driving away in a Mercedes SUV.

A Dallas man flew the plane that carried back to Texas the remains of his father, a pilot who was shot down 52 years ago in Laos.

A Williamson County man was arrested after he allegedly mailed a chocolate penis to a McLennan County Sheriff’s Office employee with whom he was having a long-running feud over a woman.

Prior to a deposition in Webster, an 83-year-old retired personal injury attorney slapped a plaintiff’s lawyer because he felt the younger man was being disrespectful.