Another excellent summertime sausage is bratwurst, a traditional German sausage, light in color and delicate in taste.

2 1/2 lbs lean veal
2 1/2 lbs lean pork
2 t dried sage
3 t salt
1 t white pepper
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup white bread crumbs 1/2 cup milk

Combine meats and grind twice. Add spices and grind a third time, using coarse blade. Combine meat and bread crumbs, mixing by hand. Add water and beat until light and fluffy. Stuff into 1 1/2-inch casing, making 6-inch links. To cook, put sausage into a skillet with enough boiling salted water to cover. Lower heat and simmer 10 minutes. Remove sausages from water and dry, then roll sausages in a little flour and brown in butter. If you want a sauce, pour a little dry white wine into the skillet. Serve bratwurst topped with onions fried in butter and with mashed potatoes.

This recipe is one of several featured in the August 1978 article The Missing Link.