1 carrot
1 small onion
1 small green pepper
4 stalks celery, with leaves
1 stick butter (8 tablespoons)
30 shrimp, peeled
1/3 cup white wine
3 ripe medium tomatoes (or 1 sixteen-ounce can whole tomatoes without juice), chopped
1 teaspoon oregano
Salt and pepper, to taste
6 ounces feta cheese (the kind that crumbles well)
4 ounces Parmesan cheese, grated

Chop carrot, onion, green pepper, and celery in food processor until fine. In medium-sized pan, sauté mixture in 4 tablespoons butter until onion is golden. Remove vegetables. Add remaining butter to same pan. When butter bubbles, add shrimp, and stir for 2 to 3 minutes. Add wine, and cook on medium heat for 1 minute.

Return vegetables to pan, along with tomatoes, oregano, salt, and pepper. When liquid in pan is almost gone, move mixture to ovenproof dish. Crumble feta on top, then sprinkle on Parmesan. Bake at 450 to 500 degrees for 5 minutes or until cheese begins to brown. Serve on bed of pasta.

Serves 6

Note: Reheats well. In fact, it’s better the next day.

Specialty of the House originally featured in Domain, September/October 1989.