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Style & Design

Cottage Industry: Katie Kime Turns Bungalow into a Colorful Office

When home accessories and fashion designer Katie Kime walked in to an East Austin bungalow next to Texas’s first cat cafe, she knew she had found her new headquarters, despite the glaringly white walls. Katie Kime, known for her colorful prints and patterns, doesn’t do white walls. So, she quickly got to work, lining the ceilings and walls with poppy wallpaper stripes and prints (like a repeating Moroccan-inspired camel) from her eponymous line, transforming window trim with neon yellow paint, and styling each room with a high-low mix of items from her modern-meets-glam furniture line coupled with flea market finds and reimagined pieces from the likes of Ikea and Costco. Her new office digs are ideal for dreaming up items in her line of clothing, jewelry, pajamas, swimwear, wallpaper, fabric, pillows, furniture, and Lucite (many of her products are made close by in North Austin). Kime, an interior designer, launched her company as a one-woman shop in 2013, starting with pop-up trunk shows at friends’ homes before opening her brick-and-mortar on Austin’s West Fifth Street near the Whole Foods Flagship store on Lamar Boulevard. Take a tour through her fanciful office, which is immersed in vibrant hues and pattern play.

Tags: Style, creative space, designer, East Austin, house, house tour, Katie Kime, office, Office Bungalow, tour