State Fair of Texas

Texas’ annual fair is held in Dallas’ Fair Park and has become synonymous with outrageous fried food (like Coca-Cola and butter), and the Red River Rivalry.

The Culture |
March 23, 2015

Where to Be a Tourist

A word about these four destinations: most native Texans visited them on their elementary school field trips. They are essential, so if you haven’t seen them yet, you’d better get cracking. Just remember, this is only the start.

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September 23, 2013

Corny Dog

If you don’t make it to the state fair, you can batter and fry your own wieners at home.

The Culture |
September 30, 2012

5 Things You’ll Be Talking About in October

1. Third Time’s the Charm! Right?For the third straight year, the Texas Rangers head into the postseason with hopes that are high and realistic. Led by perennial MVP candidate Josh Hamilton, they’re the best-hitting team in baseball. They’ve got a lights-out closer in Joe Nathan and, despite some devastating injuries,

The Culture |
September 30, 2008

Andy Mullins, Midway Barker

Mullins, an actor by trade, grew up in Fort Worth and lives in Addison. As the State Fair of Texas’s joker-in-residence, he’s been hurling family-friendly barbs at unsuspecting visitors since 2004.I grew up going to the state fair, but I’d never seen the midway barker before. They only started

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September 30, 2007

How to Fry Up a Batch of Corny Dogs

The corn dog’s birthplace may be disputed among gastronomists, but there is no denying that the corny dog, as the fried delicacy is known in these parts, made its first appearance at the State Fair of Texas. Dallas native Neil Fletcher formulated the recipe in 1942, set up a

Texas History |
August 31, 2003

Fair’s Fair

The State Fair has seen it all, from a model of the Washington Monument made entirely out of human teeth to a visit by King Olaf V of Norway on Norweigian Day.

Texana |
August 31, 2003

All’s Fair

For 117 years, the State Fair of Texas has been part parade, part carnival, part livestock show, part museum—and all fun.