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Wrap It Yourself

How to stuff a wild tortilla.

By October 1997Comments

We persuaded two wrapmakers to part with directions for a favorite creation, one Tex-Mex, the other New Wave.

Monster Burrito

Freebirds, College Station

1 fourteen-inch whole-wheat tortilla
11/2 cups cooked Spanish rice
Wisconsin jack cheese, shredded
1 cup vegetarian black beans
1 cup refried pinto beans
1/2 pound grilled lean chicken or steak, chopped
barbecue sauce, sparingly applied (Freebirds makes its own; we like Texas Stampede, made with habanero chiles, available at HEB and other stores or by mail from 800-946-9401)
squeeze of fresh lime juice
pico de gallo
sliced purple onion
sliced freshly marinated jalapeños (soak in equal parts good-quality vinegar and water with a pinch of salt in refrigerator for up to 8 hours)
chopped fresh cilantro
shredded lettuce
sliced avocado
sour cream
Cholula hot sauce (or your favorite hot sauce)

Steam tortilla until soft, about 30 seconds. Arrange rice, cheese, beans, and meat in vertical strips on tortilla and top with condiments and sauce. Fold over top and bottom of tortilla approximately 11/2 inches. Roll tortilla over fillings from left to right, packing firmly. Wrap in foil. Serves 2 hungry people.

Mediterranean Wrap

Fruitstand Smoothies and Wraps, Austin

1 eleven- or twelve-inch tomato-basil tortilla per person
prepared tomato-basil feta cheese (Saladena brand’s Mediterranean flavor is available at HEB and other stores)
fresh whole spinach leaves, stemmed
1/3 to 1/2 cup cooked white rice per person
julienne cucumber
thinly sliced tomato
julienne avocado
yogurt dill sauce (plain yogurt sprinkled with dried dill and a little sugar to taste)
salt to taste

Tortilla and rice should be warm, all other ingredients except salt chilled. Steam tortilla until soft and sprinkle with crumbled cheese. Arrange spinach, rice, cucumber, tomatoes, and avocado in vertical strips on top, drizzle with sauce, and season. Fold over top and bottom of tortilla about 11/2 inches. Roll tortilla over fillings from left to right, packing firmly. Wrap in foil.

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