A California man trying to bring his pet possum on a passenger plane leaving from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was kicked off his flight and stranded in Texas for four days.

The remains of three bodies were discovered during an archaeological dig at the Alamo.

A clerical error caused $37 million to be temporarily transferred into the bank account of a Rowlett couple.

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Wayland Baptist University men’s basketball player J. J. Culver scored 100 points in a single game, becoming the fourth player to ever do so.

A San Antonio police helicopter had to make an emergency landing on a football field after a bird flew through its windshield.

A customer at a Lytle Whataburger was served a chicken tender that he believed resembled the shape of Texas and saved it in a mason jar.

The Winter Classic, a National Hockey League game that was hosted by the Dallas Stars at the Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Day, featured pig races during television time-outs.

A customer sued H-E-B after a cashier at a Bexar County store allegedly struck his hand with an English cucumber during a dispute over a price scan.

A doorbell camera allegedly captured a Pflugerville man confessing to the murder of his sister.

University of Texas at Austin football coach Tom Herman apologized after flipping the double bird during a nationally televised broadcast.

Galveston’s city council voted down a proposal that would have required riders to pick up manure left behind by their horses on public beaches.

A Virginia farmer created a Willie Nelson sculpture out of hay, dubbed Will-Hay Nelson