After a woman found a rat snake in a shopping cart at a Walmart in Cross Roads, a snake handler was called in to remove it and was reportedly “only bit once in the process.”

No one was seriously injured when a speedboat crashed into a Dickinson backyard where a man was barbecuing.

A Baylor baseball player set an NCAA baseball tournament record with eleven runs batted in during a single game.

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A woman at a Mexican restaurant in Austin was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a man who was arguing with her over who would get to sing karaoke next.

Plano’s iconic Texas-shaped public swimming pool temporarily shut down after “loose poop” was found in the water.

The treasurer of Pleasanton’s Little League was arrested for allegedly embezzling more than $17,000 from the organization.

A stray dog hopped into a Kilgore police officer’s cruiser and then ate the officer’s beef jerky.

An alligator with a knife stuck in its head was spotted roaming around Fort Bend County.

A dog in Harris County brought home a human skull it had found in the woods, prompting the sheriff’s office to investigate and find more bones nearby.

A Pasadena family discovered that the graduation party cake they got from Walmart was made of Styrofoam.

A Fort Worth teacher was put on administrative leave after she wrote racist tweets about immigrants, which she later said she had meant to send in a private message to President Trump.

A 101-year-old Beaumont woman was the sole representative of the Hebert High School class of 1934 at the school’s triennial mass reunion.