Every week, we share dispatches from Texas Country Reporter, the long-running TV show that invites you to hop in and travel along to explore the back roads of Texas.

In rural Fayetteville, two rusty gas pumps stand like landmarks to what’s left of the old Shelby Store. Each morning, storekeeper Carolyn Bruening takes her seat behind the counter, worn smooth from decades of serving the wants and needs of neighbors.

Bruening and her sister were raised in this whitewashed wooden structure, a combined hardware, feed, and grocery store—built before anyone had ever heard the term “convenience store.” Bruening’s father opened the Shelby Store in 1946, and things haven’t changed much. Like many generations before them, today’s farmers and ranchers load their own feed and mark down their purchases in Carolyn’s drawer of ticket books, some dating back more than seventy years.

In this video from Texas Country Reporter, Bruening gives viewers a tour of the place that’s still a staple in the community.