Executive Vice President and Editor in Chief

Tim Taliaferro

President Emeritus

Elynn J. Russell

Chief Creative Officer

Scott Brown

Creative Director

T. J. Tucker

Director of Editorial

Stacy Hollister

Deputy Editor

Katharyn Rodemann


Andrea Valdez 

Executive Editors

Pamela Colloff
Michael Hall
Skip Hollandsworth
Patricia Sharpe
Mimi Swartz

Senior Editors

Jordan Breal
Cathy S. Casey (Licensing and Trademarks)
John Nova Lomax
Dave Mann
Jeff Salamon
John Spong
Katy Vine

Associate Editors

Courtney Bond (Copy Chief)
David Courtney
Lauren Smith Ford
Sonia Smith

Copy Editor

Shannon Stahl

Assistant Editors

Abby Johnston
Paul Knight
Christian Wallace

Barbecue Editor

Daniel Vaughn

Art Director

Emily Kimbro

Photography Editor

Leslie Baldwin


Victoria Millner

Art Assistant

Claire Hogan


Cecilia Ballí
Eric Benson
Sarah Bird
Nate Blakeslee
Sterry Butcher
Oscar Cásares
Jason Cohen
Michael Ennis
S. C. Gwynne
Stephen Harrigan
Christopher Kelly
Andy Langer
Prudence Mackintosh
Jeff McCord
Dan Solomon
Loren Steffy

Contributing Editors

Jim Atkinson
Suzy Banks
Paul Burka
Gary Cartwright
Anne Dingus
Robert Draper
Catherine Chadwick Flato
Julie Ford
Kinky Friedman
Don Graham
Patricia Kilday Hart
Harry Hurt III
Kathryn Jones
Nicholas Lemann
William Martin
Joseph Nocera
Karen Olsson
Turk Pipkin
Dick J. Reavis
Jan Reid
Al Reinert
Chester Rosson
Jan Jarboe Russell
D. J. Stout
Emily Yoffe

Contributing Photographers

Darren Braun
Kenny Braun
James H. Evans
Randal Ford
Artie Limmer
O. Rufus Lovett
Wyatt McSpadden
LeAnn Mueller
Michael O’Brien
Adam Voorhes
Jeff Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Dan Winters
Peter Yang

Founder and Publisher Emeritus

Michael R. Levy

Editors Emeriti

William Broyles, Gregory Curtis,
Jake Silverstein, Evan Smith,
Brian D. Sweany



Carolyn Davis Chavana

Project Managers

Kathy McFarland
Page Parker

Associate Project Manager

Andrea Gregory

Regional Sales Director

Rebecca Akins

Account Manager

Carrie Jo Dennis

Sales Resource Specialist

Hannah Vickers

Creative Services Manager

Anthony Johnson


Jeida Mitchell



David B. Dunham

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Jennifer R. Garcia

General Counsel

Laura Beckworth

Vice President, Audience and Research

Robert Henry Vela Davila

Creative Services Coordinator

Kristen Fletcher

Audience Development Acquisitions Coordinator

Natalie Moore

Audience Development Assistant

Sabrina Ballesteros

Digital Media Director

Christiane Wartell

Marketing Director

Stephanie J. Baker

Design Manager

Matt Slabaugh

Special Events Manager

Elena Garcia Slaton

National Marketing Manager

Catherine Cody

Marketing Manager

Whitney Blackwell

Marketing Coordinator

Madeline Griffin

Advertising Projects Manager

Marilyn Plummer


Emily Furillo
Kelsey Higham

Digital Sales and Marketing Director

Caitlyn Perry

Digital Sales and Marketing Specialist

Leslie Ann Ramey

Austin 512-320-6900

Elda Arellano (Account Director)
Mike McKee (Account Director)
Kim Todd (Account Director)
Andrea H. Brunner (Account Manager)
Corey Moss (Sales Resource Specialist)

Dallas 214-871-7717

Aimee Deputy Cook (Director, Brand Partnerships)
Sunday Leek (Travel Advertising Director)
Leslie A. Shelton (Director, Luxury and Retail)
Cindy Sullivan (National Account Director)
Anita Zmolek (Sales Resource Director)

Houston 713-871-8146

Cindy Kerley (Account Director)
Cathy Turner (Account Director)
Jackie Coker (Account Manager)
Karen Burke (Sales Resource Manager)
Meredith Riddle Chastang (Digital Account Director)

Canada 905-885-0064

Dodd Media Group

Chicago 847-251-3483

Cheryl Schuldt, CS Media

Costa Rica 011-506-8492-2678

Kathleen Evans, Punto Publicidad de Centroamérica

Detroit 248-568-9390, 248-561-9866

James McNulty and Mike Peters, Fuel Media Marketing

Hawaii 808-739-2200

Debbie Anderson

Maryland/Washington D.C. 770-491-1419

Robert Stites

Mexico 52-1-55-5502-8067

Elsie Mendez Enriquez

New York 203-220-9422

Nancy Prentice

Southeast/Caribbean 954-493-7311

Whitney Ford Dick

West Coast

Shana Wong (323-798-5501)


Erin Beil

Billing Manager

Leticia Madrid

Credit Coordinator

Nicole Cacho

Vice President, Production, Technology, and Operations

Roy Leamon

Production Director, Texas Monthly

Stacey Van Landingham

Production Director, Custom Publishing

Aaron Chamberlain

Production Traffic Coordinator

Darice DeLane Chavira

Technology Director

Ray Helmers

IT Assistant

Marcus Valez

Office Manager

Emily McCullar 

Administrative Assistant

Jorge Castillo 


Chairman and CEO

Paul W. Hobby

Founding Partner

Peter Shaper


Steve Gibson


Parel Patel


Christina Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Leeson