Find the perfect gift for any Texan in your life with our 2020 Texas Monthly Holiday Gift Guide.

Whether they’re planning a cozy camping trip or a relaxing beach day, we’ve got the explorer in your life covered with these Texas-made items. For more gift ideas, see our guides for entertainers, kids and pets, stocking stuffers, Texpats, trendsetters, and gifts that give back.

Courtesy of Odin Leather Goods
Campaign Stool, Odin Leather Goods, $124.99

Galveston native Odin Clack got his start in leather work by making a simple laptop sleeve in 2012. He’s since expanded to crafting handmade bags, wallets, belts, and more from his workshop in Coppell. This foldable campaign stool—built with steel and brass hardware, thick English bridle or saddle skirting, and sturdy birch legs—is a handsome, versatile piece that can easily be used at home or on the road.

Courtesy of Strangers Guide
Stranger’s Guide Subscription, $7/month

Cofounded by Austinite Abby Rapoport, Stranger’s Guide is a one-of-a-kind travel magazine. With a literary vibe that calls to mind Lapham’s Quarterly and McSweeney‘s, each issue explores a specific destination through the eyes of local writers and photographers. The current issue focuses on Texas.

Jeff Jones/Mary Claret
Bandanna, Mary Claret, $20

Weary of the fast-fashion cycle, Austin’s Mary Claret specializes in well-constructed garments made with high-quality fabrics that are designed to last. This yarn-dyed linen bandanna is a key accessory for any hiker in your life. 

Courtesy of Alama Outdoor Company
Rosa Range Blanket, Alamo Outdoor Company, $42

The San Antonio–based Alamo Outdoor Company prides itself on the philosophy that life is better outside. Handmade in Mexico, this colorful blanket is as cozy as it is durable. A must-have for camping or picnicking.

Courtesy of Rise Surf
Drifter Funboard, Rise Surf, $650

Based in Texas City, Rise Surf manufactures and sells boards for experienced surfers and newcomers alike. The Drifter funboard is an ideal in-between board for any skill level, combining the fast, easy paddling of a longboard with the maneuverability of a shorter board.

Courtesy of SuperGoop!
Ready.Set.Play Kit, Supergoop, $45

Sunscreen often feels greasy and has a chemical smell, but Supergoop turns it into an indulgence. The San Antonio company’s Ready.Set.Play Kit stands out for its assorted travel-size choices for easily applying SPF, including a mist, a lip balm, an everyday moisturizer, and a lotion.

Courtesy of Firedisc
Outdoor portable grill, Firedisc, $349.99

Houstonian brothers Hunter and Griff Jaggard grew up hunting and fishing and found themselves looking for a better way to cook great-tasting meals for large groups in nature. This spurred the creation of the Firedisc, a propane cooker that’s portable, bulletproof, and made to last. The deep 24-inch short model is easiest to pack and store, making it ideal for quick on-the-go treks or boat rides.

Courtesy of Son of a Sailor
Whiskey Pocketknife, Son of a Sailor, $65

Based in Austin, this company offers artisanal goods from across the globe, including a line of products made in-house. The Opinel pocketknife comes with a belt holster that’s hand-stitched, hand-painted, and made of natural vegetable-tanned leather.

Courtesy of Raba Marfa
Duffle bag, Raba Marfa, $548

Gary Dunshee, the owner of Big Bend Saddlery, creates high-quality saddles, belts, and other gear from his outpost in Alpine. This buffalo leather travel bag is heavy-duty enough for even the most rugged adventure.

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