Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith, a native of Houston, is a graduate of Georgetown University. She has reported on convict cowboys at the Angola Prison Rodeo, celebrity magazines in Moscow, and aerial hog hunting in Knox City, Texas. She has also written for Slate, the Associated Press, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Kyiv Post, and the Dallas Morning News and was a finalist for the 2008 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. Her great-great-grandfather was a Texas Ranger in Kerr County in the 1870’s.


Tattooed Jesus Billboards Flood Lubbock

Lubbock, long a stronghold in the Bible Belt, is home to a new religious marketing campaign featuring a tattooed Jesus. The billboards picturing inked Jesus have irked some in the community (where churches outnumber tattoo parlors 25:1) and left others impressed with the message.

Furry Friday: Coo Over the Jaguar Cub at the Fort Worth Zoo

Sasha, born in July, can now be see romping around the Texas Wild! exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Kids for Sale

For the last several centuries, Texas was cattle country. Now, with worldwide demand for goat meat growing, and drought threatening to put cattle ranchers out of business, should Texas be goat country?

Wandering Oswald

An interview with Peter Savodnik, author of "The Interloper: Lee Harvey Oswald Inside the Soviet Union."

Meanwhile, in Lufkin... October Edition

Our favorite recent items from the Lufkin Daily News’ police blotter.

Meanwhile, in Lufkin... November edition

Our favorite recent items from the Lufkin Daily News’ police blotter.

Furry Friday: Is 2013 the Year of the Cheetah?

Because it certainly has been a year full of cheetah cubs. 

Afraid of Losing the Dark

The McDonald Observatory, celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary this year, forges ahead with groundbreaking research and crusades to keep the night skies of West Texas pristine and unadulterated.

Sinners in the Hands

Twenty-seven-year-old Catherine Grove is a member of a small, insular, and eccentric church in East Texas. Her parents think she’s being brainwashed. She insists she’s being saved.

A Glimpse Into Michael Brown’s Collection of Oddities

Hundreds of people pawed through an extensive collection of guns and taxidermied animals owned by the infamous hand surgeon, who killed himself last year. It was just another spectacle in the long-running circus that defined Brown’s life—and death.

Meanwhile, in Lufkin... January 2014

Our favorite recent items from the Lufkin Daily News’ police blotter.

A High-Profile District Attorney’s Second Act as a Television Personality

Kelly Siegler uses the skills she honed in a two-decade-plus career in the Harris County district attorney’s office to solve cold cases on the TNT show “Cold Justice.”

Veggie Spice

The man behind the offbeat local produce powering some of Dallas’s best dishes.

Let’s Discuss “Downton”

“Manor of Speaking” unpacks each new episode of the critically-acclaimed Masterpiece Classic series and has quickly become Houston PBS’s most popular locally-produced show.

The Younger Years of the Church Elders

Sean Morris and Ryan Ringnald, both in their late twenties, are leaders of the conservative, 90-person Church of Wells, which many consider to be a cult. This doesn’t come as a surprise to a number of peers who knew them during their college years at Baylor.