Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith, a native of Houston, is a graduate of Georgetown University. She has reported on convict cowboys at the Angola Prison Rodeo, celebrity magazines in Moscow, and aerial hog hunting in Knox City, Texas. She has also written for Slate, the Associated Press, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Kyiv Post, and the Dallas Morning News and was a finalist for the 2008 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. Her great-great-grandfather was a Texas Ranger in Kerr County in the 1870’s.


Top Five Courtroom Moments of the Year

When it comes to courtroom drama, Texas never disappoints, and this year was no exception. 

DMN Nails It By Naming Admiral Bill McRaven the Texan of the Year

The decision to bestow the honor to the SEAL Team Six commander took “just minutes and was a shutout,” according to Dallas Morning News editorial page editor Keven Ann Willey.

Texas 2011: The Year in Photos

Ten pictures of the moments and themes that defined this year. 

Heartbreaking Videos from Austin Teen Go Viral

The last YouTube videos of Austin teen Ben Breedlove, who died from a heart attack on Christmas night, have gained a worldwide following.

Newt Leaves Texas Tech Climate Scientist Out in the Cold

The Texas Tech atmospheric climate scientist who wrote a chapter on climate change for Newt Gingrich’s forthcoming book was shocked to learn the GOP hopeful had scrapped her contribution.

Midland Green Beret Says He Didn’t See the C-4 While Packing

Trey Scott Atwater, who is charged with attempting to take explosives on an airplane, was “surprised” that there was C-4 in his carry-on. 

Iowa Caucuses on the State’s Front Pages

How the Iowa caucases played out on the front pages of the big Texas papers after Ron Paul had a strong showing and Rick Perry, well, did not. 

It's Not Over Until Rick Perry Removes His Neon Laces

Rick Perry, clad in running gear, proves that running a presidential campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Warren Jeffs Has His Phone Privileges Taken Away

Texas prison officials suspended Jeffs’s cut his line to the outside as they investigate allegations that the polygamist leader used a phone call to preach to his flock on Christmas.

Fightin’ Words: Ron Paul v. Jon Huntsman

After Ron Paul sends a snarky tweet about Jon Huntsman’s poor showing in Iowa, Huntsman takes a jab at Paul on Piers Morgan. 

Oblivious ICE Officials Deport American Teenager to Colombia

Authorities shipped Jakadrien Turner, a fourteen-year-old from Dallas, off to South America even though she’s an American citizen who doesn’t speak Spanish. 

Bum Steer: That “Handsome Guy” Nickname Might Be a Curse in Prison

A man suspected in the “Handsome Guy” bank robberies was found on the run after he allegedly left his car keys at the scene of his last heist.

Rapping Grandma Becomes Viral Sensation

A North Texas teen and his grandmother have become YouTube stars almost overnight, racking up more than half a million views in two days with their lipsyncing rendition of Tyga’s “Rack City.”

The Story Behind the Nation’s Largest Prison Graveyard

Manny Fernandez of the New York Times penned a poignant piece about death in Texas’s prison system.