Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith, a native of Houston, is a graduate of Georgetown University. She has reported on convict cowboys at the Angola Prison Rodeo, celebrity magazines in Moscow, and aerial hog hunting in Knox City, Texas. She has also written for Slate, the Associated Press, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Kyiv Post, and the Dallas Morning News and was a finalist for the 2008 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. Her great-great-grandfather was a Texas Ranger in Kerr County in the 1870’s.


Perry’s Poll Numbers in Low Single Digits in South Carolina

The governor is “not a factor,” according to the American Research Group president. 

Confusion Reigns: Parents Question Officers Use of Lethal Force

Jaime Gonzalez Jr.’s parents don’t understand why Brownsville officers shot their son three times, but a 911 reveals that police asked the eighth-grader to drop his gun several times.

A Very Kardashian Furry Friday

Khloe and Kim Kardashian dropped by the Dallas World Aquarium this week.

Is Blue Ivy Carter One of the Worst Texas Celeb Baby Names?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s named their bundle of joy, who arrived Saturday night, Blue Ivy Carter. It may be unusual, but is it the worst Texas celeb baby name? 

VIDEO: Houston Eschews Preservation and Demolishes Historic Skyscraper

It took less than twenty seconds to take down the sixty-year-old MD Anderson building, which was demolished to make way for new clinical space.

Ken Starr Would Vote for a Mormon

Baylor University President Ken Starr took to the op-ed pages of the Washington Post asking, “Can I vote for a Mormon?”

The (Other) Texan at the Helm of the Saints

ESPN profiles the Texas-bred New Orleans Saints co-owner Rita Benson LeBlanc, who describes herself as having “Texas heart, Cajun blood.”

Supreme Court Wades Into Texas Redistricting Muck

The justices heard arguments on Monday, but they found themselves on a sticky wicket and are no closer to making a decision. 

NASA Called. It Wants Its Historic Space Artifacts Back.

Some Apollo-era astronauts, including Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell, had their hands slapped by NASA for putting space artifacts on the auction block.

Jay-Z Gives Beyoncé and Their Newborn Daughter the Gift of Song

The hearts of music writers everywhere grew three sizes when they heard “Glory,” Jay-Z’s new track about his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Women Now Required to Have a Sonogram Before an Abortion

A three-judge panel reversed a lower court’s injunction against the controversial “sonogram law,” which mandates that women who have abortions must submit to a sonogram and hear a description of the fetus as litigation proceeds.

Ironically, Obese Texas is a Leader in Weight Loss Research

Two new studies from Texas researchers focus on shedding the pounds and keeping them off.

Are Twinkies in Peril?

Irving-based Hostess Brands, the maker of the indestructible snack cake, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time since 2004.

Bum Steer: Grapevine Pastor Ed Young Plans 24-hour "Bed-In" on Roof of Church

Meet the Fellowship Church pastor who makes Joel Osteen look like the picture of restraint.

A Look Back at the Texas Prison Rodeo

Demolition crews are razing the Hunstville stadium this week, where “The Wildest Show Behind Bars” took place for 35 years. The place may be gone, but its legacy will never be forgotten.