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Pen Pals

Jan 20, 2013 By Don Graham

Dobie, Bedichek, and Webb were the leading Texas writers and intellectuals of their age. But as ribald raconteurs, they were ahead of their time.

Tenacious P

Jan 20, 2013 By Jake Silverstein

If it’s something you’d just as soon not think about, chances are Pamela Colloff has written about it for TEXAS MONTHLY. Here is a partial list of the subjects she’s covered since coming to work at the magazine thirteen years ago: murder, arson, abortion, heroin addiction, hate crimes, illegal immigration,…

We’ll Always Have Austin

Jan 20, 2013 By Stephen Harrigan

In the late sixties, the Capital City was just as thrilling, drug-addled, pompous, and aimless as you’ve heard. Especially if you came from the provinces.

TMBBQFest Photo Gallery

Oct 31, 2011 By Jason Cohen

Mouse over for captions, or click for full-size image. See ya next year (or tomorrow at your favorite joint)!…

Mind Games

May 31, 2011 By Jim Lewis

Baylor College of Medicine neuroscientist David Eagleman is out to change the way we think about guilt and innocence (and time and novels and, well, neuroscientists). Can he pull it off?

Scenes From Buffalo Gap Wine & Food Summit

Apr 18, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

How had six years gone by since I attended the Buffalo Gap Wine and Food Summit? It’s the best of the small-scale wine and food fests in Texas–maybe in the country–and the most scenic, with walk-around tastings under the live oaks behind the Perini Ranch Steakhouse and a…

Eat (All) Your Spring Greens

Apr 11, 2011 By Amber Byfield

Yesterday evening, while my husband and I were out admiring our highly productive (read: are you tired of lettuce yet?) raised vegetable gardens in the backyard, the neighbor called us over to ask us a very important question. “Say,” he started, beer in hand, “Would y’all mind it if my…

Sunday’s Fare

Apr 3, 2011 By Megan Giller

(scroll over the photos to see captions; click to see full photos) Imagine a farmers market on steroids. Now add alcohol. Hey! You’ve got the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival’s sold-out Sunday fair. Despite the scorching 85-degree weather, everyone had a grand time at this large gathering of…

All Fired Up: Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival’s “Live Fire!” event was blazing fun.

Apr 1, 2011 By Megan Giller

(mouse over the photos to read the captions) There’s something deliciously naughty about attending a beef grilling event at an exotic game ranch in Texas. Add celebrity chefs, the open flame, and a corridor of wine purveyors to that mix and you’ve got yourself a party. In other words, the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival’s “Live Fire! Supremacy Over Flames” evening was a success. One of the most exciting moments occurred at the beginning of the evening: As we drove into the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch, we were surrounded by leaping antelopes, quarreling zebras, myriad birds, and even a hiding buffalo. But upon entering the event, there was a different kind of game: a baker’s dozen of chefs serving plate after plate of delicacies, tables of wine to try, and, unfortunately, a line at each station (the place was packed). Where to start? Andrew Dwyer’s samples from the Australian Outback seemed like a fitting place. His pink, melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloin; smooth potato and celeriac mash; thick, pestolike chimichurri sauce; and roasted corn-on-the-cob wheels were divine. As tender as the tenderloin tasted,