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Me and Him

Apr 30, 2005 By Gary Cartwright

Once upon a time I thought it was cool to question God’s existence. Not anymore.

Greatness Visible

Sep 30, 2003 By Paul Burka

The dream of a first-rate university rising out of the prairie north of the Colorado River is almost as old as Texas itself. Which prompts the question, When will UT finally live up to its potential?

Horns Aplenty

Sep 30, 2003 By Paul Burka

Senior executive editor Paul Burka talks about this month's cover story, "Greatness Visible."

Boys Will Be Boys

Sep 30, 2002 By Prudence Mackintosh

Why has it taken so long for my sons to get married? Is it the wet towels mildewing on their apartment floors? The pocket change accumulating on every flat surface? Or is it that I've given them a skewed idea of what women expect?


Apr 30, 2002 By Don Graham

Master of the Senate, Robert Caro's third volume on the life of Lyndon Johnson, is an exhaustive study of power, persuasion, and private parts.

The Cops Who Stopped Charles Whitman

Aug 31, 2001 By Chester Rosson

At the top of the University of Texas Tower 35 years ago, Austin policemen Houston McCoy and Ramiro “Ray” Martinez risked all to end the killing spree of ex-Marine Charles Whitman. The press initially credited Martinez with taking Whitman down, but after the coroner’s report was issued, it seemed…