Bum Steers|
January 9, 2015

Justice Was Overserved

After DWI charges against Justice Nora Longoria, of the Thirteenth Court of Appeals, were dismissed, outraged Hidalgo County Republicans pointed out that Longoria and the district attorney and district court judge who decided to let her off are all Democrats—and a police dash-cam video that showed her bombing her field sobriety test went viral.

The Culture|
November 12, 2014

If Funding Falls Through, Plan B Is to Tell Her to Shut Up

An El Paso spokesperson said the city will spend nearly $7,000 to reconfigure its city council chambers so that Ann Morgan Lilly will no longer have to sit next to fellow council member Lily Limón, who, Lilly claims, distracts her by making frequent sotto voce comments throughout council meetings. 

The Culture|
August 13, 2014

That’ll Fix Him

Wilfredo Gutierrez, of Houston, pleaded guilty to fraudulently passing himself off as a veterinarian. His dozens of clients apparently appreciated his willingness to make house calls and his cut-rate fees for spaying and neutering.

January 21, 2013

Texas, Measured in Altuves

Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve, who is 5'5", has been turned into a unit of measurement by a baseball writer, who created a website that will convert distances into "Altuves."

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