BBQ News: 05/12 – 05/25

May 25, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– We had a little barbecue joint list come out this week: The 2017 Top 50 BBQ Joint list. – Three new names have been added to the Barbecue Hall of Fame. – The Houston Chronicle had some thoughts about how hard it is to get barbecue…

BBQ News: 05/05 – 05/11

May 11, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– We love this slo-mo brisket drop: Here’s a totally unoriginal, slow-mo video of a brisket jiggling. It was too good not to post?. #txbbq #lubbock #wolfforth #texasbbq #bbq #brisket #cincodemayo…

Hot Luck Preview

May 9, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Aaron Franklin’s Hot Luck festival will debut in Austin in a couple weeks. Despite Franklin’s involvement, this isn’t strictly a barbecue festival, but smoked meat fans needn’t worry. There are still plenty of talented pitmasters coming to Austin for the highly anticipated food festival. The Hi Lo and Al…

BBQ News: 04/28 – 05/04

May 4, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Charlie’s BBQ in Houston was a total loss in an early morning fire: AERIAL VIEWS: Fire at Charlie’s BBQ in N. Harris County #KHOU #HouNews — KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU) May 4, 2017   – New…

BBQ News: 04/21 – 04/27

Apr 27, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– George H W Bush has good taste when ordering barbecue during his recent hospital stay. He called Houston’s Roegels Barbecue Co. – The Houston Chronicle examined the origins of the offset brick smoker in Texas. – Houstonia Mag loved the tacos served on brisket fat tortillas…

John Mueller is Back

Apr 21, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Just when you think John Mueller might be out of the barbecue game for good, he pops up somewhere hitched to a new trailer. And the pitmaster made a big announcement last Saturday on the “Great Outdoors” show on 1300 AM in Austin: His new Black Box Barbecue food truck will…

John Snider, Panhandle Barbecue King

Apr 20, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Barbecue in the Texas Panhandle has struggled for a foothold in statewide prominence, and that’s not entirely because of its far-flung locale. The area is a relative newcomer to Texas barbecue history. Amarillo’s founding in 1897, after all, was a year after Southside Market opened in Elgin. The oldest barbecue…

BBQ News: 04/14 – 04/20

Apr 20, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– A Confederacy of mustard-lovers: The politics of barbecue and the legacy of a white supremacist: — The New Yorker (@NewYorker) April 17, 2017   – The Dallas Observer highlights some of the area’s newest barbecue trailers. – Houstonia takes…

The Barbecue Bill

Apr 17, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

House Bill 2029 is officially titled Weights and Scales in Restaurants, but a spokesman for the office of Representative J.M. Lozano, who filed the bill, has a more succinct moniker: the barbecue bill. The bill, which will go before the House on Tuesday, looks at the Texas Department of Agriculture’s scale…

BBQ News: 04/07 – 04/13

Apr 13, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– The Houston Chronicle featured all the pitmasters of the Houston BBQ Festival in these mini profiles. – Scenes from the Houston BBQ Festival: Sights and bites from 2017 #HouBBQ Festival. We had a wonderful time – @BloodBrosBBQ @LouieMuellerBBQ…

Southerner Jealous of Neighbor’s Popularity

Apr 7, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

You may have noticed the yammering of a South Carolinian about the “tyranny” of Texas barbecue in a recent article on First We Feast. The author, Robert Moss, is the barbecue editor for Southern Living. An esteemed position, for sure, but it’s curious that the magazine chose to poll…

BBQ News: 03/31 – 04/06

Apr 6, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Somebody’s mad at Texas barbecue: Eating good barbecue doesn’t mean it can’t have sauce. A ‘cue historian talks these rules, and how to break them: — First We Feast (@firstwefeast) April 5, 2017   – The Houston BBQ Festival…

BBQ News: 03/24 – 03/30

Mar 30, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– For Matthew Odam, the new Kemuri-Tatsuya in Austin is an “izakaya smokehouse that blurs the lines between Japan and Texas.” – There is now a new flavor of Payday candy bars with the “flavor of Texas BBQ.” – Beef ribs are having a moment:…

Stuffed Chicken Legs at Baker Boys BBQ

Mar 27, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

In Luling, Wayne Baker grew up on the basics of barbecue. Brisket, ribs, and beef sausage came wrapped up in butcher paper at City Market, the favored barbecue joint of his youth. “I didn’t really know a barbecue plate existed,” he told me at his barbecue joint, Baker Boys BBQ in Gonzales.

BBQ News: 03/10 – 03/23

Mar 23, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Gotta try those juicy links in Port Arthur: I can’t get enough of the wonderful, wacky world of Port Arthur barbecue. #setxbbq — J.C. Reid (@jcreidtx) March 11, 2017   – The Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival will host Black’s…

Barbecue: A Film

Mar 20, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

A version of this article was first published in SXSWorld Magazine. The film debuted last week at SXSW. The whole of America is in the midst of full-on barbecue worship. Of late that fascination has spread across the globe, and the new stuff looks a whole lot like Texas barbecue.

When Barbecue Was Against the Law

Mar 10, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

A Denison newspaper described Al Hall as “a magnificent specimen of physical manhood.” When a local alderman pistol-whipped him during an argument at Hall’s barbecue joint in 1891, Hall retaliated with two swift punches to the face, sending the alderman home in a carriage. “Blood flowed quite freely,” noted The…

BBQ News: 02/24 – 03/09

Mar 9, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Brisket and pickle pizza alert: Brisket pizza dreams — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) March 7, 2017   – The BBQ Recon team headed out to the Brotherton/LeRoy pop-up in Pflugerville and filed a report. – Stiles Switch in Austin is hosting 39…

BBQ News: 02/17 – 02/23

Feb 23, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– A tasty dose of home-schooling, Central Texas style: BBQ Thursday Road Trip: Taylor and Austin #bbq #texas — Kelly Yandell (@KellyYandell) February 19, 2017   – Alison Cook declares in the Houston Chronicle, that the addition of Pinkerton’s Barbecue means…

Wood Cooking in West Texas

Feb 21, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

From the view on either side of the highway, Notrees—the town between Kermit and Odessa—seems to have been born of the simplest observation. Not much out here grows any higher than cotton. Heading further north, they don’t even have the luxury of scrubby mesquite. So if you’re going to cook barbecue…

BBQ News: 02/10 – 02/16

Feb 16, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Houston BBQ joint owner involved in high speed chase:   – J C Reid makes the case for Houston as a hotbed for barbecue “startups” with Pappas Charlie’s as a shining example. – Houston Food Finder searched the city for spots that are making their own…

I Say DeMaria, You Say DiMaria

Feb 14, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

In 1891, the S.S. Utopia departed Italy, headed for America. The ship, carrying 880 passengers, many of them Italian immigrants who boarded the Utopia in Naples or Palermo, was sailing through the port of Gibraltar when it struck another vessel. The hole created by the collision sunk the Utopia in just twenty minutes, and 562 passengers…

Interview: Christine Jones of Christine’s Blues ‘N BBQ

Feb 13, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Owner/Pitmaster: Christine’s Blues ‘N BBQ; Opened 2000 Age: 53 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Mesquite and Pecan Records line the wall above the bar at Christine’s Blues ‘N BBQ. As soap operas played silently on the television, I asked her where all the good music was. With a smile, as if…

BBQ News: 02/03 – 02/09

Feb 9, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Do you know which sausage is the loudest? “Science is all too often stereotyped as academic and aloof, and I am passionate about dispelling that.” — Extra Crispy (@extracrispy) February 5, 2017   – The Sausage King of Austin will be…

Texas Rangers Announce a BBQ Signing

Feb 8, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

On opening day of the 2018 Texas Rangers season, you’ll be able to enjoy a Kreuz Market sausage before the game. Texas Live!, a new dining and entertainment development is coming to Arlington. Situated between Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium, the $250 million project will house the third location…

Smoked in Texas: Gut Pak at Vitek’s

Feb 7, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

The Gut Pak is to Waco what rings of smoked sausage are to Lockhart. It’s part of the city’s barbecue identity. A Gut Pak is smoked sausage, barbecue, beans, and cheese, and a few other items piled high atop a mess of Fritos, making this the huskier cousin of a Frito pie. Sometime…

BBQ News: 01/27 – 02/02

Feb 2, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– Emilio and Christi Soliz are cooking their own brand of Mexi-Q at Kings Hwy Brew & Q in San Antonio. – 2M Smokehouse got some high praise from San Antonio Express News critic Mike Sutter. – Pitt Stop BBQ in Lufkin might be the cleanest barbecue…

Carnal in Austin

Jan 31, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

There’s a new beef rib in town. Carnal has found a temporary home in Austin, the epicenter of the Texas barbecue boom, while their spot back home, Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, is closed for the winter. James Zamory and Aaron Saurer, the duo that make up Carnal, draw inspiration from Texas’s…

BBQ News: 01/20 – 01/26

Jan 26, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

– “I think people that have secrets in cooking, I really think they’re a**holes.” – Pat Martin: – The KCBS is now accepting nominations for their BBQ Hall of Fame through March 1st. – Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland is now open for dinner, and they’re planning…

Weighing Your Options

Jan 25, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Update: Mark Loeffler, communications director for the Texas Department of Agriculture*, provided more details on their enforcement effort. Operation Maverick was launched in June 2015 to target any business buying or selling goods by weight. He didn’t have current numbers, but by March 2016, they had inspected 1,400 barbecue joints.

Smoked in Texas: Oysters Gilhooley at Gilhooley’s

Jan 24, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Oyster shells crackled under the car tires as I pulled into Gilhooley’s in San Leon. The parking lot is paved with them, and a pile taller than me rose like a dune at one end of the parking lot. A storm was rolling into the small town on the Gulf…