December 1979 Issue


The Real Mean Green

Talk to coaches and team owners about AstroTurf and you’ll hear all its advantages. Talk to the players and you’ll hear a different story.

Smokers Are People Too

You can always spot a smoker. He fiddles with matches, his shirt pocket bulges in a tiny rectangle, and fumes emerge from his mouth and nose. But what should we do about him?

Around the State


The Thin Man

Albert Giacometti’s sculptured figures, now at the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, are tall, emaciated, uncomprehending—and breathtaking.

Classical Music

The Big Loser

A young Russian defector blows his chance to win the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and goes on to find fame and fortune.


Why the Alley?

For the sake of the audience, it’s a question that needs to be asked. College productions of A Doll’s House show why actors go to school. Fort Worth has good actors and good producers—but not, alas, in the same theater.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Whose blonde, curly scalp are the farmers after how do the rich and powerful run? Why, pray tell, does Houston need parks?


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