December 1982 Issue

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The Ragged Edge

Soon there won’t be anyone left who wants to be a cop.




Bringing Down The House

The board of the Dallas Theater Center is fighting with its stuck-in-a-rut staff to pull the company out of its decade of doldrums.


Truth and Woolworth’s

Life is false fronts and fantasies to the women who flock to a dusty Texas town in Robert Altman’s Com Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. The Missionary won’t convert you. Still of the Night is still, all right.


The Four R’s

In Corpus Christi’s schools, testing kids is as important as teaching them—which has greatly improved test scores but not the quality of public education.

Classical Music


On Christmas Day, people all across the country can tune in to PBS to hear the Concert Chorale of Houston sing the Messiah. That’s reason to rejoice.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Sundown’s up and Morton’s down: Dallas is Texas’ most mental city; the Spurs are Texas’ most schizophrenic team; the Aggies are ushering in brave new world; Fort Worth is fixing to challenge Detroit.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Brown & Root looks for a way out; Mark White looks for a way in; who’s number one at UT; the Court of Criminal Appeals blows another one.

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