February 2019 Issue

Chris Tiroff showing off her beehive hair in front of plastic hood hair dryers.
On the Cover

Hooray for Big Hair!

A strand-by-strand look at the roots of a Texas phenomenon.



The Will of God

I always knew that the work my dad did as an Episcopal priest and grief counselor was important. But I didn’t understand how important until the birth of my son.

Conversations With a Grasshopper

To experience the majesty and peril of the desert on my own terms, I spent a week alone in the Solitario, the most remote area of Big Bend Ranch State Park. I confronted my darkest fears—and made small talk with an insect.

Food and Drink

Tex-Mex 101

Nachos, tomatillo sauce, chile con queso——will the real Mexican food please stand up? A crash course in Texans’ favorite fusion fare.

The State

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