October 2001 Issue

On the Cover

The Devil and Mr. Jones

How about those Cowboys? Ever since the team's egotistical owner, Jerry Jones, fired coach Jimmy Johnson in a fit of pique, the 'Boys have never been on a slippery slope to perdition. But it's die-hard fans like me who are in hell.


Dr. No

Republican congressman Ron Paul, of Surfside, believes that much of our federal government should be abolished. He has voted against honoring the likes of Rosa Parks and repeatedly goes against his constituents' interests. He is a contrarian, an outsider, and an ineffectual lawmaker. And he just may be unbeatable.


Screen Gems

Mexican movies were muy caliente in the middle of the past century, and Harlingen's Rogelio Agrasanchez, Jr. has the posters to prove it.

A Tale of Two Cities

To residents of Presidio and Ojinaga, the international border that separates them had always seemed irrelevant. They crossed it easily, spoke the same language, and considered themselves part of the same community. When Mexican authorities wrongly imprisoned a Texas grocer in April, that relationship changed dramatically—and it hasn't been the

hit man skip hollandsworth

Hit Man

Psst! Looking to have somebody murdered? You might want to call Gary Johnson, the number one hired killer in Houston. Then again you might not. You see he works for the cops.




If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, head to South Texas and try to scare up San Patricio's famous ghost.


Minority Report

As Democrats and Republicans prepare for the hand-to-hand combat of 2002, African American and Hispanic candidates are finally on the front lines.


Best Western

Frank Reaugh was one of the state's greatest artists. So why does his name draw so many blanks?


All Grown Up

Twenty years ago the Butthole Surfers—those unspeakably named punk rockers—first turned up their amps in San Antonio. What keeps them going? Chalk it up to, er, clean living.

Bob Phillips at Pickard's Store in Ovilla in 2000.

Local Hero

Bob Phillips' passion for small-town oddities makes Texas Country Reporter as irresistible as a bookshop that doubles as a beauty parlor.


True Story

When one of his reporters turned up missing in Mexico, the editor of the San Antonio Express-News took on one of the most important assignments of his life.



Web Exclusive

The Fan

Senior editor Gary Cartwright talks about the story behind this month's cover story, "The Devil and Mr. Jones."

Web Exclusive

Pop Quiz

Take senior editor Anne Dingus' Web-only exam to test your knowledge of Texas and pop culture.



A Great Week

“AND THAT SPELLS ‘DALLAS,’ MY DARLIN’, DARLIN’ DALLAS” In the minds of many folks, Dallas will forever be associated with a hit television show and braggadocio, but Big D is more than simply a place to spot big hair and pay homage to other stereotypes. It’s a wellspring of culture,


Go Native

BRIGHT MINDS, SMALL CITIES Two small towns will honor two incredibly gifted native sons at special events this month. The first takes place October 4-6, when Larry McMurtry’s hometown of Archer City commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of the classic coming-of-age-in-a-small-town film, The Last Picture Show. The movie, based on McMurtry’s


Straight Talk

THE SILENT TREATMENT Seventy-eight-year-old Marcel Marceau, who puts on more than two hundred pantomime shows a year around the world, will perform this month in Austin, Crockett, and Tyler. Are you generally a quiet person even when you’re not working, or do you cut loose and talk constantly? Generally, I


Fine Art

GOOD FINDS It’s always a pleasant surprise to come across a fantastic outdoor sculpture in the middle of a downtown, to see a beautiful mural on the side of a building, or to hear a talented busker playing a tune on a city street. Lately, you can’t round a corner

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